Air Ramp

Although a Special Effects company, DSFX has over the years gathered much equipment and skills which would normally fall under the category “Stunts”.

We do not perfom any stunt ourselves, we lead that to the proffesionals, but after all, stunt and special effects go, hand in hand.

Danish Special Effects Service is the proud owner of a so called “Air Ramp”, actually all the way from Hollywood. It has been used hundreds of times since we bought it back in 1990,  and is still a popular device here in the shop.

An air-ramp effect is typically when the stuntman runs from the explosion and gets caught up in the shockwave, therefore launching him and throwing him over a large distance. The airramp we have, has several different types of triggering options and can even trigger it's own pyrotechnical effects, when activated, so everything is synchronized for the final shot.

Please note that this kind of technique can be very difficult if you do not have the right amount of training, we therefore usually only use this with trained stuntmen. 

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